Delivery Information

We send all over the world. For Eu the shipping is 1-5 days, for worldwide 1-3 weeks! We will send you an email about progress (when the product is done and when the product will be sent)

Postal fee for standard package is:
500g - 1000g  11,18 Eur + 1,25DTS (value package)              1kg=    (1 softshell + 1 tshirt )
1000g-2000g 16,07 Eur  (3 Softshell)+1,25(value package)  

For payment after delivery is:
500g-1000g 11,18€ + 2,88€ +1,25(value package)       
1000g-2000g 16,07€ + 2,88€ +1,25(value package)  

Due to  expensive shipping, we will give you extra discount on the items!!!

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