Payment and delivery Information


We accept payments via bank transfer (IBAN/BIC details enclosed in order confirmation email). On request we can also arrange payment via Paypal. 

After you have placed your order for any of our products (regardless if it is through mail or our web page) we will contact you with the shipping details (price of shipment, expected time of delivery, etc.). As soon as you confirm that you agree with the price and after we receive your payment, we will ship your order.

Ordering with a valid EU VAT-ID

To place a VAT free order please contact us via mail (our web page does not support VAT free ordering).

Ordering outside of the European Union?

After receiving an order from outside of the EU we will contact you with the shipping and pricing details.


We use GLS and DHL for deliveries across the Europe and USA.

Delivery prices vary based on size and weight of the package but usually range from 6 to 35 EUR at the most.

Normally for clothing the price is from 6-15€. For Ground Handling is from 20-35€ max.

For Europe (non european union countries -> Example Switzerland) we use POST or GLS.

Price for clothing package is from 15-25€.

For deliveries to Australia and the Americas we use the Post service or DHL.

Prices are a bit higher due to Covid situation.

These prices are only indicative prices. The real price is determined when ordering (we will contact you by e-mail). The price varies depending on the size of the package, as DHL calculates either the volume or the actual weight, the price also changes if it is a remote area and additional fuel is charged for a specific country.

We definitely try to pack so that the postage is as low as possible (with ground handling we offer you the option to have the package completely disassembled -> this reduces the volume weight)

POST - envelope

No tracking, shipping at your own risk!

0.1 - 0.5kgenvelope5.50€
0.5 - 1.0kgenvelope8.00€

All prices are .ex VAT

GLS - tracking (EUROPE ONLY)

Austria, Czech R, Hungary, Slovakia
0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag7.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag12.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag18.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag24.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag26.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands
0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag9.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag14.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag22.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag25.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag34.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT

Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania
0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag11.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag15.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag24.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag27.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag35.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT

Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain
0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag13.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag19.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag28.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag33.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag39.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT

DHL - express

0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag30 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag50 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag75 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag120 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag160 €

All prices are .ex VAT

0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag35 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag55 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag75 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag130 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag175 €

All prices are .ex VAT

DHL - road

United Kingdom
0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag25.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag35.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag41.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag47.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag60.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT

0-2kgtracking, packaging, box/bag29.90 €
2-5kgtracking, packaging, box/bag37.90 €
5-10kgtracking, packaging, box/bag58.90 €
10-20kgtracking, packaging, box/bag65.90 €
20-30kgtracking, packaging, box/bag79.90 €

All prices are .ex VAT