SoaringXX Canopy Covers

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This is a new era of canopy covers!

The main advantages against metallic covers:

  • they don’t peel
  • they do not shrink / stretch like metallic
  • they are better resistant to strong Sun and UV!
  • Temperate is 3 degrees lower in the cockpit than silver covers!

Our covers are optimized on each hing and have an opening so you can lock the cockpit!

In 99%, the cockpit can also be closed and locked when the cover is on.

Models available:

  • DG gliders (DG100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800)
  • Schempp Hirth (Ventus3, Ventus 3M, Ventus 2, Discus, Duo Discus, Janus, Arcus, Cirrus, Nimbus 3… )
  • Alexander Schleicher (ASW 19, ASW20, ASW 24, ASW 28, ASH 26, ASG 29, ASH 31, ASG 32)
  • Jonker Sailplanes (JS1, JS3)
  • Jantar 3
  • HPH Shark
  • LS1, LS3, LS4, LS6, LS8, LS10
  • Diana 2
  • Club Libelle
  • Not on the list? Write us an email!

Instrument protection (on AS gliders, JS, Ventus3m) also available at 0 additional costs!

Storage bag included.

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