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SoaringXX Tow out bar Giga

365.90405.91 Ex. Tax: 299.92332.71
  • Made of Aluminum
  • The smallest on the market (made of 3 pieces with auto lock system)
  • Special locking system -> with ball bearing (no problems with plastic knobs!)
  • Special adjustable angle (fits to every car!) – a SoaringXX invention!
  • Solid rubber wheels or Air inflated wheels
  • Tail lifting adapter included
  • Easy to store the tail lifting adapter while towing the glider
  • Every edge is sanded, so no sharp edges!
  • Special Aluminium protection – anti scratch!
  • Min/Max dimensions: 141/243cm
  • Ideal for Open Class / Double seater class or self-launch gliders!


For the UK customers:

We don’t sell directly to the UK as the shipping costs are too high, therefore this product is available only from the Navboys shop (www.navboys.com) who is the exclusive UK dealer for our products. The price is slightly higher at Navboys, as it includes the export/customs clearance and stocking the product.

SKU: SX-towgiga
Category: Ground Handling, Tow Out Bars

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